Why Oil?

Oil cleansers bind to the oily residue and dirt in your skin and will extract it while

maintaining a ph balance you need for healing and repair.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but cleansing with oil is one of the most effective ways to cut through
all the excess sebum, makeup,
and buildup without stripping your skin.
Why NEA?
NEA Naturals Barbary Fig facial cleansing oil is an all natural oil cleanser that gently washes your face
without the use of harsh chemicals AND our oil cleanser will rinse completely clean simply by rinsing your face with warm water.
(no face cloth needed! )
Safe and natural it can be used in your eye area to remove even the most stubborn makeup.
Your skin will feel and look balanced, supple, clean and nourished. NEVER OILY.  
Your senses will be delighted by the beautiful aroma of Nea's all natural essential oil blend.




Oil will bind to oil and will bind to dirt (it is scientifically proven) and remove these residues from your skin

without disturbing the natural pH balance of the skin. Leaving your skin revitalized, refreshed and renewed.


We offer:

      • A signature cleansing oil that removes makeup and skin impurities while providing deep hydration.
      • This Barbary Fig Cleansing oil washes completely clean with no oily residue.
      • Leaving your skin refreshed, renewed and balanced.
      • A hydrating mist that firms, nourishes and hydrates skin.
      • Specifically formulated beauty oils (all skin type, dry & oily) that will enhance your skin type.
      • Plus more
      • We also offer travel packs that include 1 ounce of cleansing oil, 1 ounce of hydrating mist and .25 ounces of beauty oil.
        Great for the new buyer who wants to experience the entire regime! Also traveling & gift giving.