What are the benefits of cleansing with oil?

What Are The Benefits of Oil Cleansing for Beautiful Radiant Skin?

If you’re sceptical to put oil on your face, perhaps believing the old myth that “oil causes more oil” then you need to read our latest post! 

Oil cleansing has a heap of fantastic skin benefits, and may be the missing piece in your skin care puzzle if you are struggling with your skin in any way.

So keep reading as we dive into the excellent benefits of oil cleansing for your skin! 

Won’t ever strip your skin of natural oils

Ever experienced a complexion that feels tight and dry after you rinse away the last remnants of your facial wash? That’s the feeling of excess oils being stripped from your skin. 

If you’re using a conventional product, filled with synthetics and other harsh ingredients then you’re putting your skin barrier at risk. You always want to maintain the integrity of your skin barrier to ensure your skin stays perfectly balanced and healthy. 

Oil will help to dissolve dirt and grime without ever stripping your skin of natural oils so you’ll never negatively impact your skin barrier and put your skin at risk for an array of skin care woes. 

Your skin will feel beautifully soft and hydrated and will age beautifully if you oil cleanse daily! 

Will help to clear up blemishes 

This is where rumors run rampant!

Oily-skinned individuals often shy away from oil due to the misconception that oil will only increase sebum and therefore, increase breakouts. 

The truth is that when you are infusing your pores with high quality plant oils, you’re also infusing your skin with a dose of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients that will help to actually reduce the incidence of breakouts. 

When you strip your skin of all its natural oils you may increase your risk of breakouts as your skin tries to make up for the lack of oil, often by producing too much oil. 

Gentler on the skin

Last, but definitely not least, oil cleansing is so soothing and gentle that even the most sensitive skin types can benefit from it!

Our Barbary Fig cleansing oil contains a beautiful blend of Almond oil, Rice Bran oil, Camellia oil, Hazelnut oil & Barbary Fig Oil to provide a deep down clean while maintaining your skin’s moisture balance and infusing your pores with a dose of potent nutrients. 

Barbary fig oil is especially high in antioxidant vitamin E and linoleic acid to help neutralize free radicals and aid in tissue repair, while powerful antioxidants active minerals and amino acids work together to stimulate new cell growth and calm inflammation in the skin.

This oil is easily absorbed into the skin and won’t leave your skin feeling greasy, only perfectly soft and hydrated!

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