Hers ? His ? OURS ! A look at Gender Neutral Skincare

3 Hemp Seed Oil Skin Benefits for Both Men and Women

When it comes to skincare, not only do you deserve high-quality products that will deliver exceptional results, you also deserve products that don’t discriminate. 


If you’re unsure what we mean, then all you have to do is simply browse any drugstore or beauty outlet, because you’ll quickly see that the majority of skincare products are tailored to women only.


We see this with the type of packaging used, as well as the very floral scents, which aren’t always a favorite with everyone, women included, to be honest! 


Our hemp line is created for anyone and everyone because we all deserve to enjoy beautiful products! 


Keep reading for just three reasons we think our products will become your new favorites!


Gender-neutral products, friendly for everyone

Our hemp products are formulated with a signature herbaceous smelling essential oil blend, making them gender-neutral and friendly for all genders and every nose! 


Both women and men love this scent, so if you’re looking for a gift for the girl or guy in your life and feel stumped, you can’t go wrong with our hemp products.


Our essential oils will also leave you feeling wonderfully refreshed and uplifted, turning your skincare routine into a self-love sesh too!


Hemp seed oil has some serious skin benefits

Hemp seed oil is extracted from the “hemp seeds” of the hemp plant. 


It is positively bursting in omega fatty acids, including omega 3, 6 and 9, along with powerful antioxidant, vitamin E, as well as phytonutrients (plant goodies), minerals and vitamins to infuse the skin with a deep dose of nutrients! 


Its rich concentration of fatty acids help to strengthen the skin cell membranes, locking moisture in and preventing moisture loss through the pores. 


If your skin is parched and nothing has seemed to help up until now then you need to get your hands on some hemp seed oil! 

Great for all skin types 

In case you thought hemp seed oil was just for dry/ mature skin types, we wanted to clear something up...


Your acne, of course! 


Yep, that’s right! Hemp seed oil is just as wonderful for oily/problem skin as it is for drier skin types.


The rich fatty acids help to fight inflammation too while soothing redness and help  to even skin tone. Vitamin E aids in tissue repair and may help to reduce scarring with regular use. 


We hope you are excited to try these products for yourself, you will fall in love! Hemp is one ingredient that can help with all skincare woes from troubled, oily skin to dry, mature skin to uneven texture and inflammation.