Employee Appreciation Can Lead to a Healthier and More Productive Workplace

5 Ways Employers Can Appreciate Their Workers

High turnover can be a major financial problem for business owners. Understanding why workers leave their jobs is
the first step towards tackling employee retention. According to recent studies, one of the most common reasons
employees quit because they feel underappreciated. Many employee recognition programs are based on tenure,
but this practice has been criticized as outdated as it does little to address the value of an employee's specific work.
How can companies show appreciation for their employees appropriate for the modern age?
1. Establish Open Communication
Frequent surveying, follow-up, and feedback implementation are necessary for company growth. analyses can help a business determine what’s working and what needs improvements.. Employers can gain insight into their operations while also ensuring
that employees feel their opinions have value, thus establishing a sense of community within the workplace. It’s also
a good opportunity for employers to figure out what specific benefits would interest workers.

2. Pay for Higher Education
Businesses that fund employee education show they are invested in their workers futures and want them to
succeed. A degree can open doors and allow employees to do more on the job. For example, anyone in the HR
department can learn important skills such as leadership, strategic thinking, and communication by getting a master’s
in human resources. It can even be done online. Online masters programs have seen a surge over the past decade
because online schooling grants students the flexibility to take classes while working or taking care of family.

3. Invest in Employee Wellness
Work can be stressful no matter the industry, and unmanaged stress can have detrimental effects on health. To show
that the health and wellbeing of employees matters, companies can implement a rewards program for spa treatments
such as massage, either regularly or as part of an employee of the month package. Massage isn't just a luxurious
way to relax; it can have actual health benefits, such as reduced back pain, increased mental awareness, and
reinvigorated immune response. Employers can also offer regular health-related benefits to the entire team such as
weekly in-house yoga classes, discounted gym memberships, or access to mental health counseling. Finally, explore
the Nea Naturals shop for wellness bundles that your staff will surely appreciate.

4. Promote Team Building
Appreciation shouldn’t just come from the employer; employees may also quit their job because they don’t feel
valued by their peers. Promoting intradepartmental communication can start by using coaching programs, where
everyone can come together to learn new techniques in communication, develop their awareness, or undergo
diversity training. Additionally, coaches can assist in everyone’s professional development by teaching job-specific
skills. Team building doesn’t just have to happen on the job, either. Employers can provide fun ways for employees
to get to know each other outside of work by planning holiday parties or offering to cover a group outing once a

5. Support the Family System
The work-life balance can be tricky to find when one has to support a family. Some companies make this easier by
having no official work hours or increasing parental leave. Companies can further support parents by offering
discounts to daycare facilities or other child services, ensuring their children are taken care of.
Active employee appreciation is one of the best ways to mitigate turnover. While company packages typically
include perks like retirement benefits and health insurance, businesses can add unique bonuses that help support
employees on all levels.
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So I bet your wondering. What perks and benefits do I get working at NEA Naturals ?

The best kind...If you saw our recent Instagram Jill got me a plant, I have a serious plant addiction. 

Communication- having a great relationship with your boss/ employees makes communication about work related tasks much easier. Having a boss whos open to suggestions and new ideas makes me valued. And yes, Nea has implemented some of my ideas. 

Skincare- each employee gets product, cleanser, mist, beauty oil, scrub or eye serum, if they want it. We need to make sure our staff knows and loves the products.

Team building- We are a small team, so participating in team building exercises and activities looks different to us. This year for my birthday we visited an absolutely amazing new café that opened right up the street from us. Great conversation and great food makes for a happy team. 

Flexibility & Family/work Balance- hours aren't set in stone, I work around the needs of the business but also my own needs, my kid is  in school and  sports. I do a lot of traveling for his hockey games and practices. Snow days happen, Dr.s appointments happen. Its a huge relief knowing I'm not going to be "in trouble" for missing a day of work. Currently at this time, all of our staff are parents. Do we sometimes end up with a child or grandchild for the day ?  Yup, but that's the reason we have Legos and matchbox cars and crayons and snacks stashed away.  


What kind of programs or activities do you wish your workplace would offer? this article would make a great start to a conversation about perks in the workplace. 


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