Apricot oil the hidden gem of skincare!

Is apricot oil the hidden gem of skincare?
Into the forest, ye go to lose one’s mind and find one’s soul.
Did you know that the spiky pit of the apricot that you usually throw out has a
hidden secret? Apricots are yummy and oh so sweet, but they’re also your skin's
best friend too! Apricot oil can be used year-round and from head to toe. In this
post, we’ll tell you why you need this for your skincare regime.
3 benefits of using apricot oil
Protects your skin
Apricot oil is light and non-comedogenic. It's a golden oil that has anti-aging,
hydrating, and softening properties. This oil contains many vitamins and
nutrients. All of which help to fight free radicals and keep your skin healthy. Add
this to your regime daily and you will notice more youthful and luminous skin.
Conditions your skin
Thanks to fatty acids like oleic and linoleic, it is great for softening and
conditioning your body. In addition, it helps to reduce age spots and lines. Aging
is beautiful, so you shouldn't have to worry too much about that. However, if you
are looking to enhance your glow then this oil is an excellent choice.
Evens skin tone
Antioxidants in apricot oil in combination with vitamins C, K, and E help even
your complexion. Once this oil is added to your routine you can notice a
reduction in dark spots or hyperpigmentation. It is also good for sensitive, dry and
eczema-prone skin.
Apricot oil also helps prevent blackheads due to its antioxidants. Blackheads
form because of trapped oil in your pores. When this oil is oxidized it turns a

blackish color. Since apricot oil helps protect your skin barrier, there is less
chance for future blackheads.
Great essential oil pairs with apricot oil.
The scent of jasmine will delight your senses with its flower essence. In skin
care, Jasmine essential oil is used to help with skin rejuvenation and leave you
feeling invigorated. For aromatherapy, it relaxes you and is even believed to be
an aphrodisiac.
Cedarwood essential oil helps with inflammation, itchiness and is great for dry
skins. Its aromatic benefits include engaging your concentration and easing
tension in your body.
Cardamon is not just used for Chai, it can also be an essential oil worth
exploring. This oil was used in ancient cultures as medicine and remedy. In
aromatherapy, it clears your mind and supports your respiratory system. Much
like a cup of tea, the warm and spicy notes are refreshing and comforting.
Will you give Apricot oil a try?
Apricot oil is light enough to use daily. You might even feel like it's not there
in the first place! Our naked in the forest body elixir contains apricot oil and
the delicious essential oil blend we mentioned above. These Oils will leave
your skin and senses wanting to thank you. Give apricot oil a try and see
how it makes your skin shine brighter than ever before.

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